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Tungsten Suede

Fine Art & Photography. 

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Xi8 XCii



This section consists of pieces of sentimental value. 
Occasionally select pieces will be featured 
In this section for purchase. 
Prices of the SV Collection are non negotiable.


The very first.

 “Raging bull… when you see it”

”MAP TO WHERE. . ?…” XI8 XCII. —




“.. JAZZ….”


Give, Receive, Give.  

We believe in the power of Love, Humility, Respect & Integrity. 
“Always have open hands; ready to receive with humility.  & ready to give with Love without hesitation ”  - Xi8 Xcii 

Humility is not thinking less of yourself.  Humility is thinking of yourself less. 

Love conquers all.  Or it is not love. 

Respect is not given by demand, but demanded by giving it.  

Integrity is who you are and what you do when no one is watching.  

Who are you?

Do you know?

Defined by?


We are defined by

Abstract creation. 


providing the Highest Quality


Fine Art & Photography. 

This is not work. 

These are  gifts to yourself and Others. 



Conceptually Abstract. 

“Give, Receive, Give”


We support those in need when we can.

When we need help, we humbly accept it. 


We get you. 

You get us…


Tungsten Suede LLC.

Fine art & Photography Production. 

Tungsten Suede

Fine Art

Xi8 Xcii

Fine Art & Photography Production

For information about philanthropic contributions

to the mental health facility of your choice, and the bidding process submit your information below.

*As a reminder, 

this does not apply to Commercial, Private label & custom pieces...


*EDI certified (DataTransSolutions) & Drop-ship capabilities.
           *Private label contracts (products exclusive to individual retailers sold under their brand name and outlet) 
*Commercial/ business [consultation and placement] Pricing for orders at 100pc or less will have set pricing. 10k minimum for orders over 100pc (hotels, airlines, restaurants, businesses, galleries etc.) 
***** 1 of 1 pieces created by Xi8 XCii. -1 of 1 Pieces will not be replicated and all writes to the piece will be written over to the connoisseur/Buyer. 1 of 1 Single/Individual piece. costs $10K+ (preselected or custom) Priced per piece. OVERSIZED PIECES 9ft x 9ft or larger. (Preselected or custom). 

Tungsten Suede

Give, Recieve, Give.  

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